Tefal GV6720 Effectis High Pressure Steam Generator Iron Review

Tefal GV6720 Effectis High Pressure Steam Generator Iron Review

Tefal is known for inventing Teflon but they also make a number of fantastic household products. This includes their line of excellent steam generator irons. The Tefal GV6720 Effectis High Pressure Steam Generator Iron is a great option if you’re looking for a steam generator iron that’s compact and powerful.

Tefal GV6720 Effectis High Pressure Steam Generator Iron

Powerful Steam Output

The steam output on this iron isn’t quite as powerful as you’ll see on some other steam generator irons, but it’s powerful enough for typical use. The iron offers 5 bar steam pressure and 100 g/min continuous steam output. The steam is created from water in the large 1.5L water tank.

Anti-Scale Cleaning System

The water that creates the powerful steam comes with its own set of challenges. The buildup of mineral deposits is a problem for all steam generators and the Tefal GV6720 is no exception. The iron will periodically need to be cleaned using the anti-scale rinsing system.

You will be notified when it is time to run the easy-to-use cleaning system. As long as you rinse out the scale regularly, you shouldn’t have any problems with the iron’s performance over time. The instruction manual recommends that you use distilled water instead of tap to minimise the limescale buildup.

Tefal GV6720 Effectis High Pressure Steam Generator Iron

Unique Soleplate

The Tefal GV6720 Effectis steam generator iron has a Durilium soleplate with some unique features. The surface of the soleplate is covered in raised lines. These help make sure there is even heat distribution, optimal steam diffusion, and enhanced glideability thanks to a reduced surface area resistance. Durilium is also known for being durable and scratch-resistant, so you can rest assured this iron was built to last.

Compact Size

Tefal GV6720 Steam Generator IronMost steam generator irons are very large and bulky, making storage a particular challenge. This Tefal steam generator offers a solution with its compact size.

In addition to being extra small, the iron has cord storage systems for both the power cord and the steam cord. If you are short on storage space, you’ll really appreciate the design of this small but powerful steam generator iron. The Effectis is also quite lightweight.

Energy-Saving Mode

If you’re energy-conscious, you’ll appreciate that this steam generator has an eco-mode. This saves you up to 20 percent energy. When using eco-mode, the power of the steam will be slightly reduced but not significantly enough that it will hurt performance.

Tefal GV6720 Steam Generator Iron Features

The main features of the Tefal GV6720 Effectis High Pressure Steam Generator Iron are:

  • 5 bar steam pressure, 100 g/min continuous steam output
  • compact size: 33 cm x 20 cm
  • ultraglide diffusion soleplate with raised lines
  • 1.5 L water tank
  • ECO mode to save up to 20 percent energy
  • auto-off function
  • anti-scale rinsing system
  • cord storage systems
  • vertical steam function

Overall Thoughts

This steam generator has gotten good reviews in a number of publications, including Good Housekeeping. Reviews from purchasers on Amazon are similarly positive. The main points of praise are the compact size and excellent performance.

One reviewer called it “a joy to use” and many talked about how it helps them get through their ironing much more quickly. A few people did complain that the steam output wasn’t powerful enough for them. Others reported that while the iron worked well at first, it eventually broke down. This seems to happen to only a small minority, though.

Without a doubt, the Tefal GV6720 Effectis High Pressure Steam Generator Iron offers a lot of value for the price. It’s a particularly good choice for people who are short on storage space. It’s probably not the best choice for those who do a massive amount of ironing and those who iron a lot of heavier fabrics or things with deep-set creases.

For the typical ironer, though, this steam generator iron will get the job done. It’s also one of the nicer looking steam generators, with its pleasing white and blue design.


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