Tefal GV6340 Actis High Pressure Steam Generator Iron Review

Tefal GV6340 Actis High Pressure Steam Generator Iron Review

Steam generator irons can be pretty expensive but there are some more affordable models worth looking at. The Tefal GV6340 Actis High Pressure Steam Generator Iron is one that offers a lot of value at a lower cost. We wouldn’t really class it as a cheap steam generator iron but compared to others it’s definitely one of the better budget options available.

Lightweight & Compact

Steam generator irons tend to be fairly bulky and heavy. The Tefal GV6340 Actis High Pressure Steam Generator Iron is one of the lightest steam generator irons you’ll find and it takes up much less room. This is ideal for people with small storage space who still want all the power of a steam generator iron.

Tefal GV6340 Actis High Pressure Steam Generator Iron Review



This Tefal steam generator iron has a number of features that will add to the overall convenience of using the iron. Tefal has a patented Easycord system that helps keep the cord out of your way while ironing. The cord is also very resistant to wear and tear.

Other convenient features are the auto-shutoff that automatically turns the iron off after a period of non-use and a vertical steaming option. Finally, there is an eco-mode to save up to 20 per cent energy.

Steam Power

Tefal GV6340 Steam Generator IronSteam generator irons rely on the power of steam to soften the fabric and to get through even the toughest of wrinkles much more quickly. A large 1.2-litre water tank holds the water needed to make all of this powerful steam.

The boiler then creates the amount of pressure needed to release the steam. This iron has 4.7 bar pressure and 100g/min steam power. This is more than enough to handle typical ironing needs.

Easy to Clean

All steam generator irons have a tendency to build up scaly mineral deposits from the tap water used to create the steam. The Tefal GV6340 Actis High Pressure Steam Generator Iron couldn’t make it any easier to get rid of these potentially damaging deposits. The anti-scale collector solution collects these deposits.

A light comes to tell you when this needs to be emptied. Then, you just pull this out and rinse it under water to get rid of the limescale. You could also rinse the boiler after every 10 uses if desired but this probably won’t be necessary as long as you clean out the anti-scale collector whenever the light indicates.

Ceramic Soleplate

The soleplate is what connects directly with your clothing and it’s important that it has a smooth glide and distributes heat evenly. Ceramic soleplates are known for being among the best in this regard – you ca find out more about soleplates in our buying guide.

The Tefal GV6340 Actis High Pressure Steam Generator Iron has a ceramic soleplate that will glide easily across all fabrics and will distribute heat evenly. It is also resistant to scratches and is quite durable.

Tefal GV6340 Main Features

  • 4.7 bar pressure and 100 g/min steam
  • anti-scale solution
  • 2200 W of power: heats up fast
  • light and compact size
  • 1.2L water tank
  • auto-shutoff
  • ceramic soleplate
  • Easycord system
  • vertical steaming option
  • eco-mode to save energy

Overall Thoughts

This is definitely not the very best steam generator iron on the market but it is the perfect option for many people. It doesn’t offer as much steam power as some other irons but it will offer more than enough for many.

What people seem to like the most about this iron is its small footprint. By offering the power of steam in a lightweight and compact option, it meets a need for people without much space.

Some report that the iron doesn’t work as well as more powerful irons while others report that it performs extremely well and that it offers a ton of value for the price. As one of the lower priced steam generator irons, it does offer a lot especially with its convenient features and compact size.


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