Swan SI11010N 2200w Steam Generator Iron Review

Swan SI11010N 2200W Steam Generator Iron Review

Irons that rely on steam are known for making quick work of a pile of ironing. The Swan SI11010N 2200w Steam Generator Iron is one of the more affordable steam generating irons on the market. In addition to the lower price, this Swan 2200W Steam Generator Iron offers several advantages over other similar irons available.

Swan SI11010N 2200w Steam Generator Iron Review


Lightweight & Compact

Steam generator irons can be quite heavy, especially when compared to the weight of a traditional iron. This is one of the lighter steam generating irons on the market. When the removable 1500ml water tank is full, it’s obviously a bit heavier, but it’s still one of the lighter steam generating irons you’ll find.

The size is also more compact than other steam generators, which can be quite bulky. This smaller size also makes it easy to store since it won’t take up all that much space. There is also a convenient carry handle which is a nice touch.

Ceramic-Coated Soleplate

The key to a great iron glide across fabric is all in the soleplate. This iron has a ceramic-coated soleplate that ensures the iron has the smooth and slick glide that you want.

Strong Steam Output

The Swan 2200W Steam Generator Iron is a much more efficient iron than traditional models. This is thanks to the strong steam output. There is a continual steam setting that releases steam at a rate of 100g/min. The 2200W of power provides the strength necessary to help get rid of even really deep creases in clothing.

Adjustable Temperature

Swan SI11010N 2200w Steam Generator Iron Different types of fabric do better with different temperatures. This iron has a knob dial for adjusting the temperature.

This helps you make sure the temperature is strong enough to power through wrinkles without being too strong and burning the fabric. There is also a temperature indicator that shows you when the iron has reached the desired temperature.

Key tip: It is important to wait for the temperature to go up or down to the desired level before you begin to use it. Using it before it’s hot enough means it’s won’t work as well and using when it’s too hot means you’ll run the risks of burning the fabric.

Some Disadvantages

Although this iron has several advantages, there are also some downsides. All steam generating irons run the risk of developing scaley mineral deposits from water. Most modern steam generator irons have a self-cleaning feature to get rid of these damaging minerals but the Swan SI11010N 2200w Steam Generator Iron does not.

It does, however, use filters to prevent the damaging minerals from leaving the water tank. Unfortunately, Swan no longer supports this model and the filters are no longer available to purchase. Another disadvantage of this iron is that it has a tendency to leak and the leaking water has the potential to be discoloured.

Swan SI11010N 2200W Steam Generator Iron Highlights

  • removable 1500ml water tank
  • 2200W of power and 100g/min steam output
  • ceramic-coated soleplate
  • 3m power cable
  • convenient carrying handle
  • lightweight and compact
  • easy dial temperature control with indicator light

Overall Thoughts

The Swan SI11010N 2200w Steam Generator Iron has both positives and negatives. Many people who use it appreciate the lightweight and compact design, especially those with conditions like arthritis. Many people report that the steam output is strong enough to get rid of wrinkles while shortening the amount of ironing time needed.

Others, though, are disappointed in the lack of support and the inability to buy additional filters. Some also complain about leaking brown water that has the potential to stain clothing. With its extremely low price, it may be a good first steam generator to try.

Once you have even a taste of the power of steam in ironing, you may want to upgrade to a different model. Or you may find that this iron is more than adequate for your needs.


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