Philips GC9630 PerfectCare Elite Steam Generator Iron Review

Ironing can be a bit of a chore. The Philips GC9630 PerfectCare Elite Steam Generator Iron can make that chore more manageable. This steam generator iron is easy to use, looks great, and might even make you enjoy ironing!

Easier Ironing

Most steam generator irons are overly complicated, with a number of temperatures and settings. There is always the worry of the iron being too hot and burning a hole through a piece of clothing or burning the user. With this Philips steam generator iron, the whole ironing process has been simplified. It uses something called OptimalTEMP technology.

This continually adjusts the temperature depending on the fabric and other factors. You don’t have to worry about choosing the right setting because there is only one setting. It seems hard to believe that the iron would know the difference between denim and silk but it handles all fabrics appropriately. You don’t even need to let the iron cool down before switching to a delicate fabric.

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Faster Ironing

In addition to simplifying the ironing process, this steam generator iron ensures that ironing is completed quickly. The combination of the OptimalTEMP technology and the steam feature makes quick work of removing wrinkles. Even for thicker fabrics, ironing doesn’t take long at all. The scratch-resistant T-ionicGlide soleplate also makes for an incredibly smooth glide across the fabric.

Powerful Steam

Steam is the key to this iron’s efficiency. The Philips GC9630 PerfectCare Elite Steam Generator Iron produces a max of 6.7 bar steam pressure, 135 g/min of consistently powerful steam, and 470 g of steam boost. Those numbers essentially mean that this steam isn’t weak. It’s powerful and will help you get through even the thickest of fabrics with fewer strokes and much less time.

Easy to Clean

The steam is created from water in the 1.8 L water tank. This is easily removable and can be filled with tap water. Tap water can often, over time, lead to scales or deposits of minerals like calcium. Getting rid of this couldn’t be easier.

Philips GC9630-20 Perfect Care Elite Steam Generator Iron Review

The iron notifies you after ten hours of use that it’s time to decalcify the iron. It has a built-in De-Calc Cleaning System that takes care of the problem. Keeping the iron clean will mean the powerful steam can keep doing its thing.


Perhaps the best thing about this iron is its versatility. It irons clothing beautifully and has been tested on all ironable fabrics. In addition to ironing, it works great as a steamer. The steam can certainly enhance the ironing process but it can also be used on its own. It’s ideal for steaming curtains or hanging garments. The steam can be used to remove wrinkles, to clean, or to just freshen up fabric.

Philips GC9630 PerfectCare Features

The main features of the Philips GC9630 PerfectCare Elite Steam Generator Iron are:

[lists sio_bgcolor=”#eded09″ sio_type=”star” sio_style=”circles”]OptimalTEMP Technology lets you iron everything without changing settings or temperature,incredibly powerful steam generator,built-in cleaning system,ultra smooth soleplate for frictionless glide,large 1.8 L water tank can produce two hours of steam,design makes it easy to steam both horizontally and vertically,automatic shut off feature after 3 minutes without use,approved and certified by fabric experts like Wool Mark,2 years warranty and 60 days money back guarantee[/lists]

Overall Thoughts

The majority of people who try this iron seem to be happy with it. The ease of use without the need to manually adjust settings for each garment is particularly well liked. Some don’t like that is a bit large and heavy, but the overall verdict seems to be that it reduces total ironing time. Some people even claim that it makes ironing fun!

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