Philips GC8715 PerfectCare Performer Steam Generator Iron Review

Philips GC8715 PerfectCare Performer Steam Generator Iron Review

Philips is a company that seeks to “improve people’s lives through meaningful innovation.” With irons like the Philips GC8715 Steam Generator Iron, they are bringing that innovation to one of the most onerous of chores: ironing. With this steam generator iron, ironing becomes faster and easier. It won’t necessarily make you love the experience of ironing but it can make the experience significantly less tiresome.

Philips GC8715 PerfectCare Performer Steam Generator Iron


Faster Ironing with OptimalTEMP Technology

Ironging can be a tedious job. With the Philips GC8715 Steam Generator Iron, you don’t have to spend all day on this task. Instead, you can be out living your life and looking great in your freshly pressed clothing! The speed factor is thanks to the combination of the use of steam and the use of a revolutionary technology that eliminates the concept of ironing settings.

The iron automatically adjusts to the appropriate temperature for each kind of fabric. You don’t have to waste time switching to a different setting and waiting for the temperature to go up or down. With one setting, you don’t have to worry about anything other than moving the iron back and forth.

Continuous & Powerful Steam

This isn’t the most powerful steam iron on the market, but it does produce a strong and continuous stream of wrinkle-busting steam.

Philips GC8715 PerfectCare Performer Steam Generator IronThe output will be strong enough for most people and can power through wrinkles in even the thickest of fabrics. With 6 bars of steam pressure, 120g/min of continuous steam output, and a 360g steam boost, those wrinkles don’t stand a chance.

Simple Cleaning System

Tap water can lead to a buildup of scales and deposits on the iron from the steam. These mineral deposits can impact the performance of the iron over time. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to clean this steam generator iron because the iron takes care of it on its own.

After ten hours of use, you will get a notification in the form of a light and a sound. All you have to do is place the iron in the included scale collector box and touch a button. Two minutes later, the iron is as good as new! If you have particularly hard water, you might want to run the cleaning system more often.


This steam generator iron can be used for traditional ironing but it can also be used for steam cleaning and to freshen up fabric. The design makes it easy to use vertically, like on curtains or hanging garments, as well as horizontally for traditional ironing.

Philips GC8715 PerfectCare Performer Steam Generator Iron Review


Some steam generator irons can be quite heavy. The Philips GC8715 Steam Generator Iron is an exception. Both the iron itself and its base are quite lightweight. When full of water, it is obviously a bit heavier, but the design balances the weight well and it will sit firmly in place even when the iron is being used.

Philips GC8715 Main Features

  • one universal setting that automatically adjusts the temperature
  • lightweight
  • powerful steam output
  • 1.8 L detachable water tank
  • 2 years warranty and 60 days money back guarantee
  • smooth and scratch-resistant soleplate
  • approved and certified by fabric experts like Wool Mark
  • simple Smart Calc Cleaning System
  • automatic shut-off after three minutes

Overall Thoughts

This Philips steam generating iron comes in at a lower price point than their other models. Nonetheless, it seems to perform equally well. The steam doesn’t have quite as much power as some other Philips irons, but it has more than enough for most people. It might not be ideal if most of your ironing involves getting out deep creases in thick fabrics.

For typical ironing, though, you’ll probably be more than satisfied. Most people who have tried the iron sing the praises of its one-setting simplicity. Faster ironing is another strong plus. The only real complaint, coming from the minority, is that the steam is too weak for the deepest of creases.


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