Morphy Richards 332012 Power Steam Elite Steam Generator Iron Review

Do you hate ironing? You’re in good company but the Morphy Richards 332012 Power Steam Elite Steam Generator Iron might well change how you feel about this chore.

Relying on steam power to help you eliminate wrinkles quickly, this iron can lead to better results in less time. That means less time ironing and more time enjoying life.
Morphy Richards 332012 Power Steam Elite Steam Generator Iron


Steam Power

Steam generator irons rely on steam power to make quick work of ironing and the Morphy Richards 332012 Power Steam Elite Steam Generator Iron offers some seriously powerful steam. It has an incredible 6.5 bars of pump pressure along with 190 g/min of continuous steam output.

This is plenty of steam power to take care of even the toughest of creases. The only downside is that this iron doesn’t include a steam burst mode for a little bit of extra steam power. Burst mode isn’t really needed, though, because this iron gives you plenty of highly pressurized steam.

Large Water Tank

A huge 2.2-litre water tank means you will be able to iron for much longer before needing to refill. The tank is easily detachable but a continuous fill option means you can even fill the tank right at the board while ironing.

Morphy Richards 332012 Steam Generator Iron ReviewThis can save you time since you won’t have to wait for the iron to cool down first and can just keep ironing.

Durable Soleplate With Great Glide

The soleplate is what comes into direct contact with your clothing so it’s important that it offers superior glide while also being tough. This iron has a Ceramaslide soleplate.

The soleplate has a ceramic coating that offers excellent durability and an effortless glide across fabric. Ceramic is also known for distributing heat evenly, leading to ideal crease removal.

Fully Automatic Self-Cleaning Feature

All steam generator irons are at risk of developing a buildup of limescale from tap water. Although many irons have some sort of self-cleaning or preventative feature, the Morphy Richards 332012 Power Steam Elite Steam Generator Iron makes it simpler than ever. A light will indicate when the iron needs to be descaled but there is nothing you have to do.

After the light comes on, it means that the next time you turn the iron on, the automated cleaning system will begin. While the iron is heating up, the iron will flush out any limescale from the boiler and deposit it in a separate tank. All you have to do is empty out this tank. This is the most hassle-free cleaning system out there and it will lead to a longer life for the iron.

Convenient Features

This iron offers a number of convenient features in addition to the auto-clean feature. There is an auto shut-off function where the iron automatically shuts off after ten minutes of non-use. The iron locks into the base, allowing you to safely carry it even while the iron is still hot.

There is also an easy cord storage system to keep the cord neatly corralled and out of the way for storage. Finally, it’s easy to use this steam generator for vertical steaming as well as traditional horizontal ironing.

Morphy Richards 332012 Main Features

  • 6.5 bar pressure
  • 190 g/min continuous steam output
  • 2.2 L water tank
  • iron locks into base for safe carry
  • auto-clean feature for removal of limescale
  • vertical steaming option
  • ceramic-coated soleplate for superior glide
  • auto shut-off
  • cable storage system
  • 2-year warranty

Overall Thoughts

This is one of the highest-rated steam generator irons out there, with customers especially loving the automatic clean feature and the steam power that makes ironing faster. Some people complain that it’s pretty noisy and that it isn’t the most durable iron.

That said, the iron does have a good warranty and most people seem to be pleased with it overall. One Amazon reviewer said it “takes the hate out of ironing!” If you hate ironing, the Morphy Richards 332012 Power Steam Elite Steam Generator Iron may well make you hate this chore a little less.


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