compare steam generator irons

Compare Steam Generator Irons

Steam generator irons are becoming very popular these days as more and more people realize just how beneficial they are and just how well they stack up against traditional steam irons. As you would imagine, there are quite a few models to choose from – you can use the table below to compare steam generator irons that have caught your eye.

 #2 best steam generator iron uk#3 best steam generator iron ukcompare Morphy Richards 332012 Power Steam Elite Steam Generator Ironcompare Tefal GV8461 Pro Express Autoclean High Pressure Steam Generatorcompare Tefal GV6340 Actis High Pressure Steam Generator Iron
Philips GC9630 Steam Generator IronPhilips GC9550 Steam Generator IronPhilips GC8715 Steam Generator IronMorphy Richards 332012 Steam Gen IronTefal GV8461 Pro Express Steam Generator IronTefal GV6340 Actis Steam Generator IronMorphy Richards 333020 Steam Gen Iron
1.8 L1.7 L1.8 L2.2 L1.8 L1.2 L1 L
Steam Pressure
6.7 bar6.5 bar6 bar6.5 bar6 bar4.7 bar-
Steam Output
135 g/min120 g/min120g/min190 g/min120g/min100 g/min100 g/min
Auto Clean
CeramicCeramicCeramicCeramic-coatedPalladiumCeramicStainless steel
Auto Off
Our Rating
5 stars rating5 stars rating4.5 stars rating4.5 stars rating4.5 stars rating4.5 stars rating4 stars rating
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As you can see from the steam generator iron comparison table above, there are a lot of options available at the moment – if you can’t decide on which one to buy or if you don’t know what to look for when buying a steam generator iron we would recommend you check out our buying guide for more helpful tips and pointers.

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