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Best Steam Ironing Press – Professional Results in Half the Time!

You may be the perfect candidate for a steam press if only the most polished, pristine looks will do. A steam ironing press is leaps and bounds ahead of a traditional iron in terms of the way it quells wrinkles in such little time. Let’s explore how our pick for the best steam ironing press that could change your relationship with wrinkles forever!

Who needs a steam ironing press?

Anyone who struggles to eradicate creases and wrinkles with an iron is a perfect candidate for a steam press. Generally, this becomes a must-have device for saving time if you frequently wear “dressy” attire for work or professional events because it creates that crisp, fresh-from-the-cleaners look that simply eludes most people who handle their own laundry.

Of course, any outfit can look better with a proper pressing. In addition, a steam press is simply a better option if your hands, wrists and arms are struggling to manoeuvre a heavy, hot iron over your clothing using long, tedious passes.

Best steam ironing press

The competition among steam iron presses is tight because there are so many well-made, sturdy models out there today. However, one steam press stands out among all others due to its strong performance and ease of use. Meet the Singer ESP-2 Steam Press!

Why it’s the best steam ironing press

The Singer ESP-2 Steam Press simply wins on the points of safety, portability and effectiveness. This press delivers a very accurate and powerful burst of steam. Predictability is also a big factor in the ESP-2’s impressiveness. In fact, the first impression during usage is that this steamer delivers what looks like a professional result almost immediately. Here’s a look at the specifications on this model:

  • 1470 watts.
  • Weighs 15.7 pounds.
  • Dimensions are 69 x 25 x 54 (centimeters).
  • 300-milliliter water tank.
  • Sleek white shell.
  • Wide design.

It’s worth talking about the really practical and impressive design of this press. The first thing you’ll probably notice when you lift the lid is that it offers a very wide opening that can easily accommodate some of your bulkier items. This is a great detail that really widens your options when it comes to the types of garments and fabrics you can press at home.

You’ll find that you can give a crisp look to everything from bed linens to tablecloths with very little fuss with this unit. Unfortunately, one issue that a lot of other comparable steamers have is that they simply aren’t accommodating for wider, bulkier items.

That means you’re spending money on a machine that might not be able to handle your entire wardrobe. Worse, you may not realize that a particular garment isn’t going to work out until you’re in a time crunch with no alternative option available for smoothing out wrinkles.

The bottom line is that the Singer ESP-2 Steam Press really isn’t going to leave you in a jam.

Yes, it presses more than clothes

It’s also worth emphasizing that the ESP-2’s ultra-accommodating, wide design actually makes it a fit for more than just your favourite outfits.

This Singer ironing press is appropriate for nearly all types of household fabrics. That means you can get high-visibility fabrics like curtains and table clothes in hotel-level condition very easily.

Getting behind the wheel of the singer ESP-2 steam press

What should you expect once you unbox your new ESP-2? First, you should know that the learning curve for figuring out how to master this contraption is very smooth and easy. You can be pretty confident that you’ll be pressing like a lifelong tailor in practically no time at all!

The intuitive design and simple dials on this model ensure that you’ll know how to get the results you want.

singer steam ironing press

The ESP-2 offers a truly customized experience by allowing you to select from variable heat options. You’re in charge of picking your own ideal temperature output. The only word of caution that should be mentioned is that this press really does rely on you to know your fabrics.

The performance of the machine ultimately comes down to your ability to be familiar enough with your fabrics to know how much heat and steam should be applied. Always make sure you’re reading garment labels and understanding the delicateness of certain fabrics before making a “guess” about which setting to use.

Tons of room for versatile garments

The Singer ESP-2 is a whole new terrain if you’re used to working with conventional irons. This press actually gives you a pressing area that’s roughly 10 times larger than what you get from a normal iron. In addition, it’s powerful enough to handle several layers simultaneously. It can obviously also take your bulky items with relative ease.

It all adds up to a lot of saved time with very beautiful results for even the pickiest of people. There’s no need to be worried about being stuck standing in front of this machine forever when treating your fabrics. Anywhere from one to four presses will typically be enough to get the job done!

Digging down to the key features

The ESP-2 has tons of built-in features that will make your job easier. For instance, the design is defined by a large temperature-controlled plate surface that opens and closes with ease while providing a very secure apparatus for your fabrics. Additionally, there’s a padded ironing board that has a removable, washable cover.

Singer also designed this press to be full of safety features that give you peace of mind without slowing down performance one iota. First, you’ll notice that the unit has stabilizing rubber feet that help it to remain sturdy once placed on a surface.

This is incredibly important if you’ll be using your new Singer as a tabletop press with pets or children in the house. There’s also a pressing cushion that you can swap in when dealing with gathered fabric.

The most important safety feature on this model is a built-in safety shutoff. There are two factors that will trigger this feature. The first is if the press has been closed for a full 30 seconds. The second is if the press has been left unopened without any activity for 15 minutes.

That’s not the end of the great features built into the ESP-2 by a long shot. The ESP-2’s transparent water tank is also a great touch because it allows you to stay on top of refills instead of being forced to pull out a basin to check for water levels.

In addition, a power light serves as a great indicator for knowing that your unit is still activated. A separate “ready indicator” lets you know when your press is ready to go. There’s also a locking lever knob for added security.

While the design of the ESP-2 is highly intuitive, there’s no worry if you can’t figure out how to begin just by looking at the unit. Singer packs along a detailed user guide highlighting all of the features, safety mechanisms and usage tactics you need to know about to begin pressing your fabrics like a pro.

What you get with this steam ironing press

Singer makes sure you have everything needed to get started as soon as you unbox your new press. In addition to the unit itself, you’re also getting one filtering beaker, one spray bottle and your comprehensive instruction manual.

It’s a great system if you’re not interested in tons of accessories because all of the work happens in the body of the press.

Some last impressions on the Singer ESP-2

The Singer ESP-2 is overall a very dynamic, effective press that also happens to be a delight to use. You’re getting crisper results in about half the time when compared to an iron.

In fact, many of the bulky, unwieldy linens and fabrics that you wouldn’t even attempt to “tame” with an iron can be handled quite elegantly with this ultra-wide, ultra-steamy press.

One last note to add is that the cable on this unit has a good length that gives you more freedom to set up your pressing location.

Tips for finding the best steam ironing press

If you’re buying a steam press for the first time, it’s important to understand that it’s not the same as shopping for a regular iron. Which details matter? Here’s your checklist of key things to remember as a shopper:

  1. Steam output is important because a non-powerful press won’t create a dramatic “before and after.”
  2. Tank capacity should be noted based on your habits. A larger tank is better if you tend to steam large, bulky items or batches.
  3. Plate size is key because you can re-crease clothing if you need to constantly shift and adjust it during a pressing.
  4. Wattage should be looked at because a higher wattage typically indicates faster, higher steam production. Wattage above 1600 is usually preferred if you’re seeking a “powerful” steamer.
  5. Variable settings are essential if you plan to press a variety of fabrics. A unit that doesn’t allow you to control heat and output can either underperform or damage fabrics.

Lastly, it’s so important to do a rundown of safety features whenever you’re comparison shopping between presses. Generally, any modern steam ironing press that’s worth the investment should have an auto-shutoff feature that detects inactivity. This feature is useful from both the safety and energy-saving perspectives.

Something that goes along the same vein as safety is stability. This is such a crucial factor when looking at tabletop steam presses because life can get hectic when you’re trying to take care of laundry needs. What’s more, things can get a little bit more chaotic if you’re rushing to get your clothing free of wrinkles just before leaving the house.

Be sure to look for stabilizing features that will ensure your unit stays in place. In addition, a sturdy and balanced design that veers on the heavier side is actually an advantage if you’ll be leaving your ironing press out most of the time instead of tucking it away into a closet.

Settling the big question: Is a steam press better than a traditional iron?

This is the big question that’s probably on your mind if you’re gearing up to make the switch to finding the best steam ironing press. Generally, a steam press is superior to an iron based on power alone. You’re getting professional-grade wrinkle treatment when you use a steam press. In addition, a steam press simply offers more surface area to accommodate bulkier, larger garments and household fabrics.

While the price of a press may be slightly intimidating at first glance, this is an appliance that more than pays for itself if you use it regularly. Many people find that they can get away with much lower dry-cleaning bills over the long term because their steam press recreates that “professional” look so easily. Your cost analysis should include expected upfront price in comparison to expected reduction in laundry outsourcing.

Is a steaming iron press worth it?

Ultimately, going for a model like the Singer ESP-2 press means getting as close to a commercial steam press as you’re probably going to need. It also means you’re getting a lifetime of unlimited freshly pressed, crisp garments and household linens for the cost of what amounts to just a few skipped dry-cleaning sessions.

The bottom line is that this is a relatively affordable one-time purchase that is going to let you walk out the door with a very crisp, expensive look whenever you treat your favourite garments!

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