Best Steam Generator Iron 2020

Our roundup of the top 5 best steam generator iron 2020. If you’ve read our previous article on why you should buy a steam generator iron then I’m sure we’ve managed to convince you that a steam generator iron is the best option for 2020.

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Best Steam Generator Iron 2020

Now that you’ve made up your mind, I bet you’re thinking “which is the best steam generator iron on the market for 2020?”

Well, that’s a bit of a tricky one because the best one for you is going to be the one that fits your needs perfectly.

At the moment there are quite a few models on the market, the key to finding the best steam generator iron for 2020 is to look at their features and specs carefully.

If you don’t know what to look for I’d suggest having a read through our 4 point checklist for finding the best steam generator irons in 2020, if you know what to look for then you can skip to our top 5 picks for 2020:

  • Size: Steam generator irons are considerably larger than standard steam irons, if you have a limited storage area then the best steam generator iron for you would be one that has a compact design in addition to other space-saving features e.g. a neat cord storage system etc.
  • Features: Not all steam generator irons were created equally, some offer the basics and some models like the Philips GC9630 PerfectCare go above and beyond with their features (see details below). If you want to make ironing quicker and easier this would be the best option.
  • Steam Power: Ensure the one you pick can provide adequate steam power – especially if you plan on ironing thick fabrics with very deep creases and wrinkles. Generally speaking, anything over 5.3 bar steam pressure should be more than enough to cut through wrinkles.
  • Warranty: Some steam generator irons can cost well over £200, you’ll want to make sure you’re buying from a reputable brand and they should offer a decent warranty or return policy – even if you’re buying a budget steam generator iron.

Top 5 Best Steam Generator Iron 2020

#1 Philips GC9630 PerfectCare Elite Steam Generator Iron 5 stars rating
#2 Morphy Richards 332012 Power Steam Elite Steam Generator Iron 4.5 stars rating
#3 Tefal GV8931 Pro Express Steam Generator Iron 4.5 stars rating
#4 Philips GC7808 PerfectCare Compact Steam Generator Iron 4.5 stars rating
#5 Morphy Richards 332000 Power Steam Elite Steam Generator Iron 4 stars rating

1. Philips GC9630 PerfectCare Elite Steam Generator Iron

Philips GC9630-20 Perfect Care Elite Steam Generator Iron Review

This steam generator from Philips in our opinion is the best steam generator iron 2020. It’s a high-end iron with a lot of great features like OptimalTEMP Technology and a De-Calc cleaning system that makes cleaning the iron an absolute breeze. It offers a lot of powerful steam with 6.7 bar steam pressure, 135 g/min of continuous steam, and 470 g steam boost. It’s also very lightweight, at only 0.8 Kg.


  • OptimalTEMP Technology simplifies settings
  • scratch-resistant T-ionicGlide soleplate provides smooth glide
  • lightweight
  • easy-to-use De-Calc cleaning system
  • excellent warranty: 2-years plus 60-day money-back guarantee
  • safe-carry lock
  • incredible steam power


  • design is not great for left-handed people

Overall Thoughts

Most people seem to be very pleased with this steam generator iron. Many Philips GC9630 steam generator iron reviews talk about how it makes ironing easier and much faster. Many reviewers talked about the convenience of the OptimalTEMP feature. A few reviewers talked about the cleaning system in comparison to other steam generator irons they had owned previously and reported that the Philips GC9630 did a much better job at removing the limescale.

2. Morphy Richards 332012 Power Steam Elite Steam Generator Iron

Morphy Richards makes a number of good steam generator irons and this is one of their nicer looking models. It offers a lot of steam power, with 6.5 bar pressure and 190g continuous steam output. It has a particularly large 2.2L water tank, meaning you won’t have to stop as often to refill. The auto-clean feature on this iron is truly automatic, unlike with some other steam generator irons.


  • extra-large detachable 2.2L water tank
  • safe-carry lock
  • simple auto-clean feature
  • very smooth glide with the Ceramaslide soleplate
  • excellent steam power
  • lightweight


  • you have to set temperature and steam levels for each fabric type
  • a bit noisy

Overall Thoughts

One Amazon reviewer claimed this steam generator turned her from a “rubbish ironer” into a “fabulous ironer.” Another said that it “almost makes ironing a pleasure.” Some did complain that the iron stopped working and that Morphy Richards didn’t have the best customer service.

Despite the few negative reviews, though, the 332012 Power Steam Elite is an excellent steam generator iron. The majority of people seem very happy with it because it makes the chore of ironing quicker while providing fantastic results.

3. Tefal GV8931 Pro Express Steam Generator Iron

Tefal GV8931 Pro Express Steam Generator Iron

This is another strong contender for best steam generator iron 2020. As expected from the company that invented Teflon, the Durilium soleplate gives an extremely smooth glide. The soleplate has some uniquely placed holes in the centre, a feature which helps to provide maximum steam penetration.

It offers all the steam power you’ll need, with 6.5 bars of pressure and a 400g/min steam boost. Tefal keeps it simple for you by only having 3 settings (Normal, Delicate, and Jeans) that handle both temperature and steam settings. An easy-to-empty limescale collector makes it easy to keep the iron clean and in optimal working order.


  • powerful steam output
  • durable soleplate has great glide and ideal steam penetration
  • anti-calc limescale collector cleaning system
  • simplified settings


  • a bit bulky
  • expensive for what it offers

Overall Thoughts

Although the majority of purchasers are happy with this Tefal steam generator iron, some do point out that it doesn’t have as many features as you’d expect based on the high price point. That said, the features that it does have do perform well and most people seem pleased. Many report that it is very easy to use and it takes care of wrinkles quickly.

4. Philips GC7808 PerfectCare Compact Steam Generator Iron

Philips GC7808 PerfectCare Compact Steam Generator Iron

The major selling point of this Philips steam generator is its compact size. It’s much smaller than most steam generators which makes it really convenient for storage. There is also a nice cord wrap storage system that corrals your cord neatly out of the way.

Although the iron is smaller, it does weigh a bit more than some of the lightweight steam generators at 1.2kg. The GC7808 offers a decent amount of steam output with a maximum of 5.3 bar pressure, 120g/min continuous output, and 280g steam boost. Though this is less than many other irons, it’s plenty for typical ironing needs.


  • extremely compact size for a steam generator
  • OptimalTEMP technology eliminates need to manually control temperature and steam settings
  • convenient cord storage
  • great glide from durable and scratch-resistant soleplate
  • descaling system
  • safe-carry lock


  • steam output isn’t quite as powerful as other steam generator irons

Overall Thoughts

The compact size of the Philips GC7808 is widely celebrated in its reviews. An overwhelming majority of reviewers praise the iron overall. The biggest complaints people have about it is that the steam isn’t quite powerful enough for some creases. If you typically have a large amount of ironing or if you have a lot of thick fabrics, this iron might not be ideal for you.

5. Morphy Richards 332000 Power Steam Elite Steam Generator Iron

Morphy Richards 332000 Power Steam Elite Steam Generator

This steam generator iron offers 6.5 bar steam pressure, 170g continuous steam output, and a 300g boost. An extra-large water tank makes sure you will be able to put all that steam power to good use without having to stop to refill constantly. Morphy Richards offers a unique and convenient limescale collector cleaning system, a feature that is much easier to use than the cleaning systems of many other steam generator irons within this price bracket.


  • convenient limescale collector auto-clean feature
  • extra-large 2.2L detachable water tank
  • durable ceramic soleplate gives smooth glide
  • safe-carry lock
  • very good steam power
  • cord storage system


  • a bit bulky

Overall Thoughts

A handful of purchasers reported that this iron stops working after a number of months and that it doesn’t hold up to frequent use. That said, most reviewers are happy with this iron and its performance. Its ease of use is a particular point of praise.

Summing up

As you can see from the list above, each iron has its own unique selling point. If you’re looking for an all-in-one iron which requires minimum effort for outstanding results then the Philips GC9630 steam generator iron would be the best option for you in 2020. Alternatively, if you’re after a powerful iron that won’t take up much cupboard space – the Philips GC7807 would be a great choice.

If you’re still unsure about which iron to get, go back to our 4 point checklist to see what to look for. If you’re still in doubt – I would recommend you have a quick look at our in-depth steam generator iron buying guide for additional tips and pointers for finding the best steam generator iron in 2020.

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