4 Best Ironing Boards for Steam Generator Irons

Best Ironing Boards for Steam Generator Irons

Once you buy a steam generator iron, you’re ready to start ironing, right? Well, not exactly. You’ll need an ironing board.

You might think you can use a standard ironing board with your steam generator iron but for best results, you need to use a large ironing board specifically designed for a steam generator iron.

Ironing boards for steam generator irons have a wider surface area and a special rest that can hold the weight and bulk of a steam generator iron base. Here are our picks for the top 4 best steam generator ironing boards on the market.

Best Ironing Boards for Steam Generator Irons

#1: Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Unit Holder, Size C, Wide

This ironing board comes in a wide selection of fun and artsy patterns that can bring a little added boost of joy to your ironing time.

The large 124 x 45 cm size gives you plenty of room for ironing and the large and sturdy iron rest can hold the steam generator iron base without taking up any of the surface area needed for ironing.

#1 best Ironing Boards for Steam Generator Irons

Non-slip feet keep the ironing board securely in place even if you’re a pretty vigorous ironer. It can hold up to 7 kg of weight, more than enough for a steam generator iron and a stack of heavy clothing.

One great feature of this Brabantia ironing board is that the height is adjustable, from 77-96 cm, making it comfortable to use no matter your height. It also has a child-safety lock so there’s no risk of it collapsing while in use. This ironing board is built to last and Brabantia backs it up with a 10-year guarantee.

#2: Laurastar Plus Ironing Board

This large ironing board from Laurastar features a surface area of 125 x 42 cm. It also has a large area designed specifically to hold your steam generator iron base without getting in the way of the ironing surface area.

The board has a simple and minimal design and a high-quality and durable cover that will hold up to regular use.

#2 Best Ironing Boards for Steam Generator Irons

A safe closure system keeps the iron locked into place when in use and prevents any pinching when closing it up for storage. It has an adjustable height, up to a maximum height of 94 cm.

This Laurastar ironing board has a pair of integrated wheels that make it easy to move it around without having to lift it. The 100% polyester inner foam on the board gives you that ideal combination of firmness and cushion that you want on an ironing board.

#3: Minky Ultima Plus Ironing Board

This board has a surface area of 122 x 43 cm and adjustable height up to a maximum of 96 cm.

Unlike some other height-adjustable steam generator ironing boards, this one can be adjusted to a nearly infinite number of positions rather than having to choose between a handful of fixed heights.

There is an iron rest on the end, perfect for holding the steam generator iron base unit. Steam generator irons already offer maximum crease removal power but this board can make it even better with its steam-efficient foam-backed cover and steam-flow mesh system.

A fun pattern on the cover of this ironing board might be a strong selling point to some while the 3-year guarantee is the most attractive feature to others.

Either way, this is a durable ironing board with a design and size ideal for use with steam generator irons.

#4: Minky Aerial Ironing Board, 122 x 43 cm

This is another ironing board from Minky that will work well for steam generator irons. It has a nice wide surface area of 122 x 43 cm and a rest for securing the steam generator iron base.

This rest isn’t quite as large as the ones of some other steam generator iron ironing boards, but it should be large enough to hold most iron bases.

Best Ironing Boards for Steam Generator Irons

The legs have anti-slip feet and the loop leg design results in superior strength and stability. The scorch-resistant cover on this ironing board features a fun grey and teal design.

A major advantage of this ironing board is that the height is adjustable all the up to 1 metre. This makes it ideal for taller people since some ironing boards can be too short for them to comfortably use.

Minky offers a 5-year guarantee because the ironing board is built to last.

Ironing Boards for Steam Generator Iron Buying Tips

Surface area

steam generator ironing board buying tips

Make sure it has enough surface area

Ironing boards are generally all long enough, but to maximise your ironing surface area and to get the most out of your steam generator iron, you want to choose an ironing board that is wide enough. Make sure the ironing board has a width of at least 40 cm.


Stability is a very important feature in a steam generator ironing board because it will be supporting a very heavy and hot iron. Generally, looking at the legs of an ironing board can provide a nice view of just how sturdy a design will be in action.

Some designs are supported by a T-structure configuration. You’ll also see a four-leg design commonly used.

While sturdiness ultimately comes down to the manufacturer’s design, there are some tell-tale signs that a board has enhanced sturdiness. The four-leg design often provides better stability than the T-structure.

The only drawback to the four-leg design is that it tends to have a little more bulk than the T-structure design. That means you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons based on your needs.


It’s important to pay attention to how sleek or bulky a design is if you’ll be transporting it from a laundry closet to another area. An ideal portable design will fold and unfold gracefully.

In addition, pay attention to dimensions to see how smoothly your steam generator ironing board will be able to fit through doors.

Build quality

Beware of flimsy boards! Metal and steel outlines often provide the best strength and stability for ironing boards. You’ll also want to look for a board constructed using premium-grade materials.

Size of your iron

A good ironing board for a steam generator iron will feature a special rest to hold the iron’s base. Make sure this rest is big enough for your iron, especially if you have one of the larger models of iron.

Ironing board cover

Different board manufacturers take wildly different approaches to the materials they use in their board covers. You may find that the cover that is included with your steam ironing board is too flimsy.

This is a pretty common problem. Also, some manufacturers do a better job of providing covers that are resistant to heat and scorching than others.

You can do your homework to break down the materials listed for the padding and cover when shopping for your ironing board to try to get a really good product. However, it’s important to know that it’s not the end of the world if you aren’t in love with the cover that comes with your ironing board by default.

Covers are meant to be replaceable. That means that you can swap out whatever your manufacturer provides for a cover that you’ll like better. The only downside to this is that you are taking on an additional cost.

Keep in mind as you’re shopping that thicker padding is preferred when using a steam generator ironing board.

Your height

When looking for ironing boards for steam generator irons, you should make sure the board is of an appropriate height or that it has an adjustable height option. The most ergonomically sound ironing position will see your arm bent at a 90-degree angle.

The height of the ironing board should facilitate this. You can do this by measuring the height of your elbow at this 90-degree position. Then, subtract 10 cm from that.

This will be the ideal height for your ironing board. It can be particularly challenging for tall people to find ironing boards that are tall enough.


The great thing about steam generator irons is that they make the chore of ironing a little more enjoyable just by speeding up the process.

Choosing an ironing board with a design that makes you happy is another way to add a little bit of joy to the otherwise potentially boring and unenjoyable task of ironing. If you like the design of your ironing board, it might make you enjoy the chore of ironing just a little bit more.

Add-ons and extras

Always check to see what additional add-ons and features are available by the manufacturer of the board you are considering.

Being able to purchase some add-on features will allow you to enhance and optimize your ironing experience with products that will work properly with your iron and board. Of course, this does increase the cost.


Reading the fine print before purchasing your new steam generator ironing board is crucial! Many popular manufacturers offer warranties for parts or full boards.

Be sure to become familiar with the warranties offered by the boards you’re considering as you compare value. A strong warranty can be a sign of a manufacturer’s confidence in a product.

Summing up

A steam generator iron along with a larger ironing board designed for a steam generator iron is a recipe for ironing success. You might not love the chore, but it will be easier and faster while leading to superior results.

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